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PFC Black Rust Proof Undercoat 5 gal. E-Z Pour

PFC Black Rust Proof Undercoat 5 gal. E-Z Pour

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~ All New Undercoating ~

(Protection First Class)

~ Has ~

Long Lasting Protection
Solvent Free Formula
Long Term Lubrication
Frees Rusted Bolts & Parts 
Wool Wax ( Lanolin ) Based

Warehouse9000 Now Carries :  BLACK

5 Gallon PFC " BLACK "Rust & Corrosion Protection Undercoating

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~ Professionally Boxed Products ~
~*~ Same Day Shipping ~*~

 Brand New - Not Reconditioned - Not A Second
Not Refilled - Unopened - Factory Sealed 
5 Gallon Pail Of P.F.C. BLACK Undercoating 

~ P.F.C. Comes With An ~

 Easy To Carry Handle
 Convenient Easy To Pour Spout  
Reusable and Recyclable Container 

P . F . C . BLACK
Protection First Class 

Ultimate Rust & Corrosion Protection

~ Professional Grade Product For High Performance Needs ~ 

* Similar To * 

Fluid Film
Wool Wax 


Cars, Trucks, Home, Lawnmower Decks, Farm, Firearms, Boats, Battery Terminals, Industrial, Snow Equipment, Electrical Terminals/Plugs/Connections, Fertilizer and Salt Spreaders, Fishing Reels, Marine Application, Trailers and Trailer Lights, Conditions Leather, Wood and Vinyl
1000's of other uses!!

Easy To Carry Handle
 Convenient Easy To Pour Spout  
Reusable and Recyclable Container 

The Unique Lanolin based formula of Protection First Class gives you long lasting protection from rust and corrosion by covering the metal with a BLACK  film that will not dry out like oil, silicone and solvent based products.

This formula penetrates the pores of metal, protecting from moisture, salt and corrosion!

Use P.F.C. anywhere that you want long lasting, tack free lubrication and rust protection that will not dry out, freeze, or wash off.

 Protection First Class will Not harm paint, synthetic rubbers or plastics. 

This works Great as a penetrating oil to penetrate metal and free up rusted nuts, bolts and parts. 


P.F.C. is especially well at protecting electrical connections, battery terminals, switches, trailer lights, snow plow connections, etc. 

~ P.F.C. BLACK Comes with an ~

 Easy To Carry Handle
 Convenient Easy To Pour Spout  
Reusable and Recyclable Container 

Customers Say P.F.C. : 

Stays On Longer 
Smells Better 
Sprays The Same
Cost Less
Covers More Area Per Gallon By Weight



Yield : 1 Gallon should do 2 midsize cars!!
(that have been treated annually) 

The Gallon Jug Of  P.F.C. - Averages - 1 pound heavier than Fluid Film

What does this mean to you? 

You Get More Product By Weight!!

Surface Preparations  

The P.F.C. may be applied over damp surfaces and light surface rust or tightly adhering rust.
Wire brush to remove peeling paint or loosen rust.
To undercoat vehicle, first steam clean or power wash.


Stir Well, Protection First Class can be applied full strength by paint gun, undercoating gun, paint brush, roller or dipping.
Close container tightly after use.
PFC will thicken when standing, however this will not affect its effectiveness at all.
Stirring will restore P.F.C. to a more Liquid state.
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