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Auveco 13754 Nylon Blind Rivet 13/6 25 Pcs.

Auveco 13754 Nylon Blind Rivet 13/6 25 Pcs.

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Auveco 13754
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Nylon Blind Rivets

With The Black Nylon Construction of the Nylon Blind Rivet, you are sure to get a great quality product!

The Nylon Blind Rivets Fit The Following Manufacture OE Specs :
O - E = Original Equipment

Chrysler :6500859

The Black Nylon Blind Rivets can be used on any project that matches the following dimensions, not only Automobiles.

Dimensions of the Nylon Blind Rivets :

Diameter : 13-64"

Hole Diameter : 13/64"

Panel Grip Range : 1/8" - 3/16"

Overall Length : 1-7/8"

The Nylon Blind Rivets are made of Black Nylon and are Universal, meaning this Rivet can be used on any Project or Job that matches our Dimensions.

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