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Aerosol Undercoat Rustproof Straight Spray Flex Hose & 360* Flex Spray Hose

Aerosol Undercoat Rustproof Straight Spray Flex Hose & 360* Flex Spray Hose

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 1 - Aerosol Undercoating Flexible Straight Spray Hose
  1 - Aerosol Undercoating Flexible 360* Spray Hose

The Flexible 360* Spray Hose Not Only Sprays 360* Around It Also Sprays Straight! 

These Economy Aerosol Clear Flexible Straight Spray Hose and Aerosol Clear Flexible 360* Spray Hose are both 36" long and 1/8" round in diameter.


The Economy Flexible Straight Spray Hose and the Economy Flexible 360* Spray Hose are made to be used with Aerosol Under Coatings.

* Not Recommended For Use With Fluid Film Aerosols *
See Our Other Adds For The Aerosol 360* Extension Wand. 

The capabilities of these flexible hoses help with the application of undercoating for any type of automobile or equipment.

The Flexible Straight Spray Hose And The Flexible 360* Spray Hose Are For Aerosol Cans

Such As : 

Zenex Rust Converter
Zenex Professional Black Undercoating 
PFC Undercoating

 Just To List A Few 

With the 1/8" diameter of the flexible hoses this allows you to adequately reach those hard to reach areas. Drill a 1/2" hole in doors, rockers, door posts, tailgates, etc. and insert the flexible straight hose or the 360* spray hose, and spray!

Kit Includes:

1 - Aerosol 360* Flex Spray Hose 36"
1 - Aerosol Straight Spray Flex Hose 36"

With the 36" length of these Economy Flexible Straight Spray and 360* Flexible Spray Hoses, your sure to reach and cover all areas of your project!

Our team here at warehouse9000 say these flexible  spray hoses are almost a must have!!

See our other listings for the 1/2" plugs. 

   Measuring device not included    

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