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Zena Shine Plus 3 ~ cans Gold Standard Clear Acrylic Coating Watermelon Scent

Zena Shine Plus 3 ~ cans Gold Standard Clear Acrylic Coating Watermelon Scent

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  • ZenaShine Plus

  • ~3 - 12oz Aerosol Cans ~

  • Gold Standard Clear Coating Detailing Spray

  • ~ Made In The ~
  • U S A  

  • "NEW" Fresh inventory in stock  ~

  • ZenaShine Plus has a pleasant Watermelon scent
  • It works instantly when applied, no wiping necessary
  • Used on plastics , dash boards, door panels,
  • Works excellent in hard to reach areas like engine compartments
  • to give you a new car look with little effort.
Zenex ZenaShine Plus Clear Coating is Not Only for Automobiles, But this Wonderful Product can be used on a whole Array of different Projects!

Watermelon Scent ~

Is your Outside Lawn Furniture weathered and Faded from Years of Sun Exposure? What about your Children's Outdoor, Plastic Play Sets, Riding Toys, Wagons, Sliding boards, and Club Houses?

Have No Fear, with Our ZenaShine you can Restore the Luster and Shine Of your Outside Plastic Décor.

Try ZenaShine on your Snow Shovel, no more Build up of snow, The Snow slips right off!  

ZenaShine Plus Clear Coating Helps with Mold and Mildew, Try it on your Pool Slide, Reduces Staining on Plastic Picnic Table, Helps Bring Back That Nice Gloss Finish Of you Plastic and Wicker Lawn Furniture eliminating the Chalk Residue, while protecting your clothing!

Our Product does wonders Extending the Life and Helping to protect against Fading from the Suns Rays of your Seasonal Decorations. With the Silky Smooth Gloss Finish of the ZenaShine Snow, Rain, Ice, Mud even Bird Droppings don't Stand A Chance of sticking to and destroying your Outdoor Décor.

Save $ On Outdoor Maintenance ~

Do you Like To Go Camping? Is your Tent and RV Loosing that Shine and seems to be Fading? Now You Can Preserve and Restore the Finish of Your RV Or Camper, Your Folding Lawn Chairs and Cooler, ZenaShine Plus Even Keeps your Awnings From Fading, and with the Water and UV resistant components of this Product, feel free to spray your Outside Fabric Cousins and Vinyl Picnic Umbrellas !

Horse Trailers , Tractors , Bailers , Combines It Doesn't matter Zenex will Bring Back the Shine!   

Feel confident in using Zenex ZenaShine Plus for
Plastic Dog Houses, Outdoor End Tables, Bird Baths and Feeders, Railings and Fences, Flower Pots and Planters.

Tough Enough for Automobiles ~
 ~ Gentle Enough For Kids Wagon Wheels  ~
Whether you have Faded Metal or Plastic It Doesn't matter, Give Zenex ZenaShine a try and bring back that missed Luster and Shine!        
  • Perfect for new & used car lots, car shows, auto auctions, motorcycles, boats, campers, motorhomes, furniture, appliances,

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